The children in cases between parents have the right to be supported by both parents. As a result of this “policy” and Georgia law, the custodial parent does not have the right to “waive” support for the child or children in their care and primary custody. Therefore, a non-custodial parent will normally pay support for the subject child(ren), under the Georgia Guidelines.
Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines are based on an income averaging calculation, which is calculated on a spreadsheet developed by the Department of Human Resources, Office of Child Support Enforcement. If either parent is unemployed, but is able to work, that parent’s income will be “imputed” as minimum wage. At this time, the minimum wage imputed equals $1,308.00 per month. While there are various expenses that would tend to decrease a non-custodial parent’s child support obligation, those “deviations” are subject to approval by the Court. Please note that even if the parents share physical custody of a child, wherein they share equal time with the child, if one parent’s income is notably higher than the other parent’s income, child support may still be required by the parent with the higher income.